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Events and that WOW factor

Events are about A Story and remembering the most memorable moments. On that special day, every single detail matters. That is why it pays to have that attention to detail to all aspects of preparation, whether it’s the welcoming, looking at menus, entertainment and adding that final extra touch.

An example I could best gives a contribution we recently did this when we had Carnival celebrated which is done not only in Brazil but very famous in the smallest state in India, which is Goa.

From start to finish in this event it everything that you needed the perfect venue in West London, the Authentic Goan food menu expertly assembled to gether, a well stocked but reasonably priced and affordable bar and music from the best Goan band in the UK

So what made the difference? Guess—It was WOW factor. We introduced a masked dance with original masks got from Goa but we had India’s Ball Room Dancing champions who first did a rehearsal dance and throughout led the whole audience into the music dancing cha cha chas, tangos, waltz’s and jives all Latin type carnival dancing that changed the mood and involvement completely. Most of the guests have already booked for this event next year.

And That’s when The Wow Factor comes in with not only the smallest detail but also the final detail is the added extra value which makes it more interesting, interactive and an example above where it got everyone involved.